LIFE BODY THERAPEUTICS – Trauma Release (TRE) and Craniosacral Therapy


~ There is a school of thought that believes all illnesses originate from trauma ~
Whether true or not, there is no doubt that trauma is stored in the physical body and if not addressed, can result in a wide variety of physical and/or psychological difficulties and pathologies. These include all PTSD symptoms which range from insomnia, back aches, head aches, lack of energy and irritability; through fear, anger, behavioural/attention/learning difficulties; to depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and suicidal ideation.

Trauma Release (TRE) and Craniosacral Therapy work directly with the autonomic nervous system, releasing unconsciously stored trauma. As trauma releases and the limitations of debilitating symptoms ease, all sorts of new life-possibilities can begin to manifest.

My approach is non-invasive, drawing on the body’s inherent wisdom as the natural authority in the processes of healing towards overall wellbeing and personal growth. Being safe and supportive, I strive to respectfully address the unique needs and conditions of each client.

As TRE and CST are body-directed modalities, they are well-suited in cases where the client finds discussion difficult.
Suitable for clients of all age groups.

What I Offer:
– Craniosacral Therapy (CST) – individual sessions, in-person
– Tension and Trauma Release (TRE®) – individual sessions, in person and online
– TRE group-work facilitation

Plus Complimentary Modalities:
Body-work: Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Somato Emotional Release.
Inner Life: Biography Learning, Psychophonetics Life Integration Facilitation


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