Notting Hill Lodge


Notting Hill Lodge is situated between Nottingham Road and Balgowan and is right on the Midlands Meander (R103) just 2km away from Michaelhouse School. We offer various accommodation options in King Suites, Twin rooms or Family Cottages. We are located close to most of the wedding venues such as; Woodridge Estate, Michaelhouse Chapel, the Orchards, Rawdons, Bellwood, Granny Mouse, the Glades, St Ives, and Netherwood. If you are looking for a Spa getaway Brookdale and Fordoun are both just a couple kilometres away. Notting Hill B&B is situated in the middle of the meander so there are lots of restaurant options for lunches and dinners. And if you are looking for a more adventurous getaway we have Epic Karting across the road and beautiful golf courses such as Gowrie Farm and Bosch Hoek Estate near by. The Midlands is the perfect place to ride your bike or take a walk, but if you just want to relax around the pool and have a braai our facilities are open for our guests to use.


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