Yoga Classes, workshops, courses and retreats


I am a E-RYA registered teacher who has taught in London, Costa-Rica, Sri-Lanka and India.
I teach 3 classes a week and run these as open classes which means you don’t need to book (although for the more popular classes booking is recommended). Buy a pass or pay per class. I provide all equipment so you just need to get yourself to class which is held in the conference room of the Nottingham Road Hotel so very central.
I run regular workshops, courses and retreats, a great way to enhance your midlands experience and revitalise and restore. Great for pre-wedding preparations or as a way to connect with your bridal party.
I teach three different styles of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Kundalini Yoga as well as my own fusion of these styles.
My classes are passionate, dynamic, vibrant and challenging as we work to heal and detoxify the body and mind. I like to explore Yoga as a living art and science and integrate mediations, pranayama, mantra and most of all heart! I attempt to make my classes a moving meditation with the application of deep asana exploration, precise alignment and conscious movement.
I encourage kind compassionate patience as we flow and with krama (stages) so no-one gets left behind and I ensure there is something for everyone and get real delight in seeing people leave my classes surprised with what they have achieved.
Class schedule is quite regular but will change when there are school holidays, public holidays or special events. Please have a look at the up to date schedule on my website (
The schedule shows dates, times, venue and teacher for those lucky times when we have guest teachers and you are able to book into classes, workshops, challenges and immersions. If you have any trouble booking or seeing the schedule then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email.
See you on the mat!


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