ActionBall Classes offered in your area!

ActionBall is a Movement development program aimed at developing muscle tone and physical development in young children but with the emphasis on having fun and learning how to play, encouraging social skills, team work and good sportsmanship.
Why ActionBall:
Today’s children spend far less time outdoors playing and too much time in front of the television and computer. While these mediums have their benefits they also have an adverse effect on the child’s social and physical well being and development. Educators and Occupational Therapists are becoming more aware of the important role played by movement in the development of the growing child.
ActionBall is aimed at developing:
• Gross motor skills
• Co-ordination
• Body image
• Spatial orientation
• Balance
• Posture
• Self confidence
• Social skills
• Muscle toning
Children who have participated in ActionBall demonstrated a significantly improved hand-eye co-ordination, balance, confidence and good general physical development after only a few weeks.

We take kiddies from 18 months up!


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